Week 80- I Met Kate Micucci and My Crush Got Worse

  1. Jon Brion- Tacky Entry Music
  2. Kate Micucci- Happy Song II
  3. Jon Brion- Forward Motion
  4. Kate Micucci- I Have a Crush on My Teacher
  5. Eef Barzelay- Little Red Dot
  6. Kate Micucci- Soup in the Woods
  7. Jon Brion- Take Me
  8. Kate Micucci- Song for the Late Night People
  9. Jon Brion- All Plays Out (Fire Sale Version)
  10. Jon Brion- Strings That Tie to You
  11. Kate Micucci- For My Dog Jack
  12. Jon Brion- Phone Call
  13. Kate Micucci- Too Tired
  14. Jon Brion- OK
  15. Kate Micucci- Taking Chances
  16. Eef Barzelay- N.M.A.

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